Automatically change the color of the borders of the window and the taskbar in Windows 8.1 startup screen background color

Windows 8.1 came bundled with numerous improvements. Start screen for options. Fit it: more tile size sites. Able Remove several applications, at the same time , the ability to install. Desktop Wallpaper ca Background for the start screen . In addition, users can now choose from a whole range may well exceed the default desktop wallpaper si for setting the Start background screen community.

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When using the program for often change the color or wallpaper from the Start screen And every time you want the assorted automatic color of the Taskbar and the borders of the window to it, then we recommend WinAero ColorSync .

WinAero ColorSync is a free utility that allows users to automatically change the color of the taskbar and window borders from Windows 8.1 . Depending on the prevailing color. Start the screen background FEMALE .

The application does not require installation and has a graphical user interface (It runs in the background and place the icon in Systray which allows administration). Users can set WinAero ColorSync to launch when I load my right-click icon on the taskbar and select Run at boot (In addition, they can Close the application or Hide the system tray icon using the same menu - Display the new application in the system tray even after rebooting system, users need the application to run twice ).

Download WinAero ColorSync .

Note. Compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (bit 32 and 64).

Credit @ winaero

STEALTH SETTINGS - Automatically set the background color of the border and the color of the taskbar in Windows 8.1 as a screen saver of Windows

Automatically change the color of the borders of the window and the taskbar in Windows Start the background of the screen color after 8.1-x