How to add a font in Windows for Microsoft Word?

  1. We supplement Word 2013 with new fonts
  2. Instead of epilogue

Surely for many it is not a secret that the Word text editor can be supplemented with new fonts, thus giving the document, on whatever topic, a unique style. If you have long dreamed of transforming your data into a document or just want to try something new, then we’ll start!

We supplement Word 2013 with new fonts

The first thing you need to get fonts for Word . It can not do without the Internet. You can ask in the search line: "Download fonts for Word" or something similar. The main thing is that as a result you become the happy owner of a collection of beautiful fonts ( TTF format files ) for writing texts, creating cards and so on. As soon as the fonts are on your device, we move to the next step.

Unzip the archived folder to extract the fonts and start using them. To do this, for example, on the desktop, create a folder "Fonts". Then we open the archive and, by right-clicking, select the line "Extract to the specified folder" in the opened menu. In the window that appears after this action, select the folder "Fonts". Click "OK". Literally in a couple of seconds, it is no longer empty, but stores a collection of beautiful fonts.

To install fonts, select all of them in the folder with the left mouse button or with the help of the key combination Ctrl + A, and then press the right button to select the “Install” line. You can see the established fonts in the “Control Panel”, in the design and personalization.

Instead of epilogue

Such an installation will make it possible to use fonts not only in Word, but also other programs, and this is an additional plus. In fact, everything is very simple, and the abundance of fonts that will ultimately remain on the device will impress any user, so you will definitely want to create something with their help.

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